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The number one social gaming experience, enjoyed by thousands of players worldwide. Pirate Kings is a game that is very easy to learn, but very hard to master. Combining elements of skill and chance to create a mix of enjoyment and exciting possibilities. You spin, earn pirate cash and build your pirate empire to conquer others. Once your island is complete, it remains in your possession to win more pirate cash.

 – Thousands of other pirates

 – 100% original game play

 – Available on multiple platforms

 – Social casino experience – 100% free to use


Thousands of pirates worldwide

Battle with your pirate friends and conquer new islands to become the ultimate pirate emperor. You are on a constant quest for gold and booty in this beautifully designed social casino adventure. Defeat your friends or make new ones. Come – join us and start building your empire. With a bit of luck and a lot of resilience, you can be come the master of the seas!


Disclaimer: Players need to be 18+ to join. In-app purchases available.


Social gaming originated as a form of gaming played over social networks. Social gaming has truly taken off in popularity in the past few years because of our interesting features have caught fire and spread across the internet. Our mission is to create a fun, engaging, and social gaming platform where players can come together to play their favorite games, make new friends, and challenge themselves. We started Piratespins, because we saw a need for a social gaming platform that is inclusive, interactive, and accessible to everyone. Our team has years of experience in the gaming industry, and we are dedicated to delivering a top-notch gaming experience that meets the needs of our players.